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Mrs Farmer Paul Handmade Gifts : Good For You & Good For The Planet 

Mrs Farmer Paul (Rose), who is the creative lead, has expanded our product range to include these beautiful 'Grow Your Own' Greeting Cards, handmade face cloths, candles and soaps, to be good for you and for the planet.


Our Aim...

Here at Farmer Paul’s, we are inspired by our farm and the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside.
We want to offer a specially curated range of wellness products, using our Homegrown pumpkins, sunflowers and Barley, to be good for you and for the planet.
- We produce luxury handmade products that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly and produced in small-batches.
- All of our ingredients are sourced with the environment in mind. 
- All our packaging is recyclable and/or made from recycled material.