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Give the gift that keeps giving with this handmade Merry Christmas Card. Not only will the recipient love its elegant design they will love the fact that they can grow plants from it too!


Once the card has been displayed the seeds can be cut from the card and planted (see instructions in the additional info section) and the rest of the card can be recycled - cool huh?!


Mrs Farmer Paul has lovingly designed and made it from our own Sunflower seeds. Here at Farmer Paul's we are passionate about growing our own vegetables and produce and our aim is to produce luxury handmade products that have a low impact on the environment. Recycled - reusable - sustainable and in this case beautiful too (when the sunflowers are in bloom)


What would you like the card to say? We can send directly to the recipient so if you would like a printed personalised message please add it in the box below. Otherwise we will send it to you, it will be blank inside and you can hand write your own message.

Merry Christmas Card - 'Grow Your own' Sunflowers

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